There is a gap between the bimini  and the roof, which is great for letting in a breeze when you are steering, but tends to dry out your skin and eyes. We looked at having roll –up clears made, but the quote was nearly a thousand dollars, so we looked for an alternative. We decided to get acrylic sheets cut to size. We needed three, at $90 each, it was much less expensive option. We... read more

Getting the sail down

One of our least favorite, and most dangerous jobs, is going up the mast. The mast is about 70 foot high, that's a long way up!! Dave won't let me do it, and hates going up himself, but sometimes just has to. He sits in a bosun's chair, and I, and usually someone else as well, winch him up. He also has a second rope around him, should the first fail for any reason, and there are steps... read more

Mans work!!

Yes I am probably being sexist, but I really dont fancy getting covered with oil!! Tony is still helping us put the electric toilets in, and Dave is changing the oil in the starboard engine, which is under the bed. Just the sail to sort out and then hopefully we can leave port and go sailing!! read more

Bookshelf covered

The white material blends into the white background so it looks much tidier. read more


The books we had stored in the corridor looked rather untidy so I have been thinking of how to cover them. I had some vinyl left over from Dave's headboard so I cut it to size. I also used the same material to cover his music synthesiser that sits in the saloon and looked untidy covered in towels to keep the salt air off it. read more

Tinted windows

The boat gets very warm in the summer,even though we have exterior net covers and canvas covers. We decided to get them tinted aswell. I found that 3m did a clear film that cuts out  up to 50% of the heat, so we put that on the front windows so we could still see out clearly. We put a darker tint on the side which blocks up to 60% of the heat, and gives a bit more privacy.We would like to... read more


Catamarans have trampolines in the bow so when the nose goes under the water it sheds the water through the nets. The existing ones were beginning to deteriorate, we had repaired and patched them. The last straw was when we were taking a sail out of the front locker and our son, Grant put his foot right through the net! We decided on Ferri material this time, which looks fantastic and feels very... read more

We removed the microwave

We are always looking for ways to find more storage on board, especially in the galley. The microwave could only be used in harbour, as it took so much power to run. It was also very heavy, and we want to be as light as possible. It is not something we use very often so we decided to remove it. Tony put three metal baskets on runners in its place. Also a door folds up to keep them in place in... read more

Daves headboard

Here is Dave's headboard covered in white vinyl. read more


This is my headboard covered in cloth. read more


When we bought Jazz Cat we decided that we would each have a hull and decorate as we each wanted. The wooden headboards were dark and uncomfortable to lean against. This is the before photo. read more