Food and Recipies

Hinchinbrook Brook Channel

This is the first time we have sailed down the Hinchinbrook Channel, and what  an unexpectedly beautiful surprise it was! Tall tree covered hills, fields and little islands delighted us with their beauty, it really is a stunning landscape. Surprisingly there was hardly anyone else around, although we knew that Paws and Sea Piper were in one of the channels, as we had no phone reception, and... read more


Gaucamole My friend Barbara lived in Mexico for a few years and gave me this recipie. She preferred the avocado squashed down with a fork so it was still a bit lumpy, rather than put in a processor, and I do agree with her. She put much more chilli in hers and loved the heat, as did the locals,children munching on chillis like we eat apples!!! Ingdients 1 avocado 1 garlic clove 1... read more


Dave and I are very careful about what we eat. We cut grains-wheat,oats,corn and rice from our diet as this makes us put on weight, and causes inflammation. This made a huge difference to both our figures and our energy. Left on my own I will revert to raw vegan food which is tasty and takes very little time to prepare. Dave tolerates it in small doses, but would prefer a bit more... read more