Asia 2016

Kuala Lumpur 30 January

Dave has found us a fabulous new apartment for  $100 a night, and the bedroom has a view of the Petronus  Towers. It is very spacious and luxurious and we were pleasantly surprised. The infinity pool is rather special,  it is lined with black mirrored tiles, so as I swim with my snorkel on I can see my reflexion and correct my strokes. This evening we went out  for... read more

Cambodia-Things I have seen on the road you would not believe!!

China, Turkey, India and now Cambodia are the most exciting/frightening/dangerous roads we have been on, and will never drive ourselves on! Helmets are meant to be compulsory, but hardly anyone wears them. Motorbikes and tuk tiks will be coming towards you on the wrong side of the road. Some of the things I have seen here are- A motor bike pulling a huge, unsecured, load it was hardly... read more

Cambodia 27th January Apsara Dancers

We wanted a quiet day after yesterday so we went to the large market here to buy some presents. Going in the morning is a good idea, as the traders feel lucky after they have made their first sale, the same as China. There is quite a discrepancy between the price they first say, and what you end up paying, a ‘silk’ dress started at $US75,and I ended up paying $20, but that was in... read more

Cambodia 26th January

Our guide ,Sophananna Muon ,picked us up at eight to take us to the Temples.He is very amusing and tells us he speaks several languages, Cambodian English, Australian English......... He also teold us the Asians call us 'pointy nose' or it might translate to 'big nose'!!I didn' think that was our most defining feature,how about 'pale skin' or 'blonde hair'... read more

Cambodia 25th January

When you think of Cambodia two things come to mind, the temples, and the mass murders during the Khmer Rouge, the Killing Fields. Cambodia has a population of fifteen million, and 95% are Buddhist.  It became a protectorate of France, and the French influence is still strong. Pol Pot committed the mass murder of maybe as many as three million people, the professionals, teachers, doctors,... read more

Port Dickson 24th

Dave’s stomach problems returned as soon as he stopped his antibiotics, so it’s off to the doctor again!! The hotel asked us if we wanted a Chinese or Indian doctor, I said I didn’t mind as long as he could speak English. Well he was fantastic, a lovely Indian man who took his time examining us and told us things no other doctor had. We were very impressed! Here your... read more

Port Dickson 22nd January

Friday Our internet had run out, so we needed another trip into town to top it up, which was not as straight forward as you would have thought, and took Dave half an hour to sort out. I took the opportunity to go the indoor market to buy more fruit, and take photos. Thie above picture is dried fish piled high. This is raw meat, unwrapped and bloody. Chicken for dinner... read more

Port Dickson 21st January

We were sitting in our hotel room when a huge wind came up from  nowhere! Grey skies, and whitecaps on the waves all in a matter of seconds. Glad we were not out sailing, it would have been hard to get the sails down quickly. The wind died down after half an hour, and was followed by a torrential downpour, the first we have had on this trip. Considering we are here in Asia during the wet... read more

Port Dickson 19th January

Monday For breakfast I had dhal over raw cabbage, and a delicious croissant. We went to Eye Spy again and spent an hour trying to get the power connected, but no luck, there seems to be a problem that we will look at again early tomorrow morning, when it’s a bit cooler. We had a quiet day, I think all the jet setting has caught up with us. Had chicken curry over cabbage for... read more

Port Dickson, Malaysia

Port Dickson used to produce charcoal then the Britsh developed the port. It is a popular destination for those people living in KL as it has some lovely beaches. In the 1980s it boomed, then collapsed with the Asian finacial crisis, and many buildings stand, unfinished. Dave had booked us in the marina hotel for a few days, until we sort things out on I Spy. The hotel is very reminiscent... read more

Singapore 15th January 2016

Dave still isn’t feeling too good, so we had a late start today and decided to do to the Gardens By the Bay. This is gardens under several huge domes. The first one we went to was the Cloud Forest which was for cool moist plants. It was a very pleasant temperature after the heat outside, and needed to wear my jumper. There is a huge plant covered hill at the centre of the dome,... read more

Singapore Jan 21016

Singapore is an island that had a British trading post on it, then became a British possession. It gained independentce and Lee Kuan Yew was elected Prime Minister. The island is famous for it’s multiculturalism, and most people speak several languages, so they can communicate with their friends. Pupils in school are taught in English, which makes talking to the locals and getting around... read more